I Meet CNBlue in Melbourne (Blue Moon World Tour)



Melbourne Friday 31st May 2013 CNBlue, Blue Moon World Tour.

Many of my friends have asked HOW did I get to meet CNBlue?! I am certainly one blessed individual to have a friend that works for FNC Entertainment.

After an almost 3 hour long high energy amazing concert (See a couple of phone pictures below) I waited side stage to meet our friend. He then led us to the back stage entrance where of course security stopped us. Our friend then spoke to management and got the approval for us to go back stage as “guests of the band” in that moment I felt rather special!

I ran into CNBlue’s manager as he came out of the band room (thankfully I remembered to greet him through my scattered excited brain).

My friend and I were led to a lounge area and the CNBlue boys came out one by one to meet us. I got a surprised “oH” from Kang Min Hyuk after introducing myself in Korean. However they only spoke to me in english so I gave up trying to speak Korean haha.

Once they were all in the room they stood in a row and looked at us waiting…(embrace awkward pause).. for us to say something.. Ohhh the pressure to think of something quickly! So what did I say? “Your english was great tonight!” that was a Doh! moment. Granted though their english was highly entertaining and anyone at the concert would agree.

So we posed for a few photos exchanged a few thank you’s and said goodbye!

They were very kind to come and meet us and I was still pinching myself a day or two afterwards. CNBlue are very down to earth, nice guys, and I wish them all the best with their Blue Moon tour!




10 thoughts on “I Meet CNBlue in Melbourne (Blue Moon World Tour)

  1. You’re soooo lucky!! ^_^ anyhow, yong hwa looks like lee dong gun here…hahaha and he just finished acting alongside the guy in his latest drama…

      • It’s called Marry Him If You Dare a.k.a Future Choice. Just released about a month ago and it’s really good. I do recommend it over ‘The Heirs’…which was a little…so-so for me. There were like a lot of big faces on The Heirs but the storyline was a bit bland (hurmm…not too sure how to explain it but it’s a kind repeating boys over flower several time…) ^^;;;;;

  2. So.. and suddenly you stand eye in eye with cnblue and every normal sentence will come out as rubbish xD
    Really awesome they were okay meeting you, it’s nice to hear that they really are as they display themselves 🙂
    They really did improve their english big time.. I can understand them somehow xD

  3. Wow! That is really, really cool! Loved the awkward silence bit — throw in some awkward giggling and I’m completely sure that’s exactly how I’d be too. 😉

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