My Visit to Invincible Youth 2 (청춘불패) Set + meeting the cast (Ep 36)

A highlight of our trip was visiting the set of Invincible Youth 2 and meeting the cast. Our boss has a relationship with the producer and wanted us to learn how a variety show is filmed.

We were given clear instructions not to take any photos of the actual filming, but we were able to take a few other shots.

We hired a bus to get to the set. It was a few hours trip to a small Island called ‘Daebudo’. We also had an interpreter to assist us Australian’s while we were there.

It was in the middle of summer and extremely hot. Official Bora fans were there with a soft serve ice cream machine for the production team and cast. The fans were very generous and gave us a small food gift. We were very thankful as none of us thought to bring any snacks!

My friend who loves to take photos of food for her blog, didn’t eat any and kept it to take a photo later.

While we were waiting for the producer to come over, we took a group photo in front of the large Invincible Youth 2 mural.

I am standing back row second in from the right (make it obvious the only white girl 😛 hehehe).

The next photo isn’t a great shot of me, but we were doing a video blog in front of the building. I’m hoping to get a copy of it sometime soon!

Dorky me doing a video blog for our company

We had arrived to the set at a good time and realised the cast and crew were on break. We were lead into the main open lodge, where the cast would later sit and make noodles.

While we were resting, the production crew joined us. One of the shows MC, Lee Young Ja (이영자) introduced herself to us. She was very funny and could speak English well. One of her jokes got lots of laughs. She asked me how old I was, and then announced it loudly to the room in Korean aiming it at the male staff. I didn’t know what she had said until our interpreter laughingly told me. It was quite funny. I’m not very good at retelling stories, in fact, I didn’t make it sound funny at all! But she certainly has a good sense of humour off screen!

It was time to film again. There were about 7 cameras set up in one small room (this allowed them to get every angle and expression). Although it only equated to a few minutes of the episode, we were there for a couple of hours, silently standing at the back of the room. I could imagine the amount of editing required afterwards!

Episode 36 the scene we watched being filmed

Once this scene finished, we waited outside for the production crew to move out of the room. The lovely Lee Young Ja (이영자) came over to us with some delicious grapes from some local farmers. 

Yummy grapes thanks to my food photo taking friend!

We were then given the opportunity to take a big group photo with the cast. The beautiful Suzy looked like she had just woken from a sleep or was extremely exhausted as she walked back into the building. 

The cast were all lovely and greeted us in very broken English!

So here is the group photo! 


Cast of Invincible Youth Episode 36 and all of us – With Hyoyeon from SNSD, Yewon from Jewelry, Bora from Sistar, Jiyoung from Kara and Suzy from Miss A. Plus comedians and MCs Boom, Lee Young Ja and Shinyoung.

It was a really lovely experience and certainly a great memory made.


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