Cheetah Amazing Animal Photo

Cheetah Amazing Animal Photo

Two Cheetah’s relax on a warm afternoon unaware they are making cute and comical poses. Right after this photo the Cheetah in the background rolled over hitting his brother in the head with his front paw. Unfortunately, it was at that moment I decided to adjust my lens through their enclosure so I regret the loss of a great photo, but I couldn’t help but giggle at their groggy moggy behaviour!

To see these two beautiful Cheetah’s you can visit Werribee Open Range Zoo one of the three of Zoos under the Zoos Victoria banner.


4 thoughts on “Cheetah Amazing Animal Photo

  1. It’d have been nice if you could have captured that moment! lol! But I see you are such a talented photographer yourself! 🙂

    • Ohh I got a very burry version of that moment! Trying to photograph animals is never easy! Thank you so much Caleb! Honestly I dont know much about photography I just enjoy taking potos to remember :).

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