Your opinion counts! (Music Poll) Western and Korean Music

Hello Remember The First.. readers,

“In order to show the Kpop and Australian artists that an interview with this blog will be good promotion for them, I need to show them statistics to prove it’s validity.”

Through my work as an Event Manager I have made many connections with musicians, bands, singers etc. Mainly my contacts are within Australia, however, I do have a few contacts in Korea, and if some of you are interested in Kpop I will hope to interview some smaller artists that I have connections with when I visit.

I thought it might be a nice idea to introduce their music to you through my blog, not only to promote their music (as some of us know the music industry is a hard one to survive in) but to also share a range and variety of music that we can all enjoy! Some of my Australian contacts are alternative bands, DJ’s, solo artists, rock bands etc.

So please click from one of the options below (no emails, no sign up, just a click 🙂 )

Thank you for your support!!

If you have any other comments to add please feel free to do so.


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