long legs, furry coats, smooth skin..

.. and I’m not talking about the catwalk or any other fine specimen you might see strutting their stuff down the runway!

One part of my life that often gets many surprised reactions, normally followed by “That must be incredible!” or “I’m so jealous” is my job at the zoo. I certainly do not take this job for granted and I’m quite aware that the opportunity doesn’t present itself often! That being said most people assume straight away that I also scoop poo, get very dirty, scratched, bittern and talk to the animals like I’m a nutter (the last one I can’t deny haha).

My role is actually in media, communication and events, so when a newspaper or television show want to cover a story in their publications (under the guidance of my manager) I will host them on site. We cannot allow media free roaming in the ‘off limits’ areas for their safety, so this means I work with many interesting characters that often travel the world sharing news stories and hold very engaging conversations.  Best of all, I get up close to all our beautiful animals without having to clean up their mess, so really I think I have the best job in the zoo!

One thing I love about the zoo I work at is their strong focus on animal conservation, animal care and educating our visitors.

I will let you know, not every single blog will have some unique animal peering into my camera lens, as this is just one of the many things I hope to share. The next few photos are just a glimpse into my job but I hope its a tantalizing start to keep you visiting :).

If you click on the pictures a new tab will open with a much larger view.

Hippos are like big puppies who don’t finish their first mouthful before wanting the next!

Lazy afternoon the two brothers have a snuggle.

These African Servals certainly love a good game of tug-of-war!

These cheeky giraffe know how to work the ‘look’ to get some extra attention.

Later they climbed his head… cute and funny moment!

Note: All these photos were taken by me, some photos are taken on a nice Canon with a good lens (sorry never looked at what it is), other’s are taken on my iPhone in a candid moment.


9 thoughts on “long legs, furry coats, smooth skin..

    • It sure is impressive! The keepers put their hands in there to clean out the seeds behind the teeth, the hippo’s love it (I don’t have the relationship with the animals to do it but I certainly am still amazed to watch!).

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